We’re pretty sure the ground shook in New York City earlier this week as 300 fearless females converged on NYU’s campus for the 4th Annual Women Entrepreneurs (WE) Festival, which celebrates and connects enterprising women at all stages of entrepreneurship.

Our serial entrepreneur co-founders – Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig – were there, contributing to the mighty vortex of estrogen, passion, creativity, and determination that was spinning at an unstoppable pace inside the Kimmel Center.

Bits-of-Love-Ring-BOLDThis year’s festival was centered on “Being BOLD”, in all its many definitions and forms. As the women attendees mixed and mingled, listened and shared, learned and challenged, this powerful message was weaved into every fiber of the inspiration packed, two day event that included talks, break-out panels, and “speed dating” style networking.

Serendipitously, Jen was sporting her Bits of Love BOLD ring, which NEVER leaves her finger, so she was perfectly accessorized for the theme. If only the ring’s maker, WYSK Cheryl Laughlin, had been there to join in all the BOLD fun.

Of all that was said, heard, absorbed, and exchanged, these are the four BOLDest statements made by four truly BOLD women who spoke at the festival that moved our co-founders to be truly inspired.

How will you be BOLD in 2014?

“The best things in my life that have happened to me have happened because I have been willing to take risks.”

– Dr. Anne-Marie Slaughter, President of the New America Foundation, author, scholar, international affairs expert, public servant, thought leader, wife and mother
(watch her full WE talk here)

“If you do not want to play within the rules, find a new game. That’s the great thing about being an entrepreneur.”

– Joanne Wilson, Women Entrepreneurs Festival Co-Founder, Gotham Gal
(watch her full WE talk here)

“Wild happiness lives on the other side of your fear!”

– Lauren Zander, Co-Founder and Chairman, Handel Group
(watch her full WE talk here)

“I lived a perfectly joyous life of imbalance. And the only profession that needs balance is yoga instructor.”

– on the topic of work/life balance, Geraldine Laybourne, Founding President of Nickelodeon, Founder of Oxygen Media, Founder of Kandu, a startup media company at the intersection of kids and technology
(watch her full WE talk here)