You know those unique catch phrases your mom has been spouting since you were a kid? We’re talking about her special expressions – touching advice, pearls of wisdom, signature witticisms, or wacky world insights – she’s shared over the years that kept you entertained, made you feel loved or caused you to roll your eyes in utter embarrassment.

Well, award-winning author and Woman You Should Know Erin McHugh has written THE book on the subject, which goes on sale today. Like My Mother Always Said… Wise Words, Witty Warnings, and Odd Advice We Never Forget is packed with REAL “momisms” Erin gathered from all kinds of REAL “kids” – young and not so young, ordinary and famous.


The fruit of her labor is a relatable collection of hundreds of lovely, screwy, and laugh-out-loud-worthy things moms say to their kids with the noble goal of being helpful, nurturing, or wise (whether they succeed or not is another thing entirely, as the inside flap of the book jacket points out).

Offered up in quips, one-liners, and short anecdotes, the “momisms” are divided into chapters such as Questionable Wisdom (“May is a good month for a face lift”), Unconditional Love (“I’d saw off my own arm for you”), Good Manners & Bad Behavior (“You should eat like you’re dining with the Queen of England”), and Wise Words (“If you have to tell someone you are, chances are you’re not”). The Love, Sex, & Marriage chapter leads off with this little hilarious gem:


After putting this book together, and combing through the countless submissions she received, we wanted to know what Erin took away from it all. She told us, “The funny thing is, after talking to hundreds of men and women about their mothers, I found that moms are as different as they are the same. Whether it’s funny stuff, sad stories, touching quotes, loving anecdotes — even though many of them were new to me, they all had that familiar ring of unconditional love.”

We CANNOT think of a MORE perfect Mother’s Day or any time gift for ALL the moms you know!

About The Author

Erin McHugh, author of The L Life. Photograph by Jennifer May, 2010Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and author of more than twenty books of trivia, history, children’s stories, and more.

With a gentle nudge from serendipity’s helping hand, the idea for her latest book came about in fall 2013, while Erin was on a book tour for her ONE GOOD DEED: 365 Days of Trying to Be Just a Little Bit Better. A friend innocently pointed out that Erin often muttered, “Like my mother always said…”

Her friend was not only right, she planted a seed. Erin and her publisher decided that a collection of “momisms” would make great fodder for a book. With that, Like My Mother Always Said… was born.