Grace Hopper lived a life of firsts. She was among the first girls in her neighborhood to have electricity in her home, one of the first generations of women in the US to vote in a presidential election, one of the first women ever to receive an advanced degree in mathematics, and one of only a handful of female admirals in the US Navy. But the first that Grace became famous for was being one of the first computer pioneers.

Despite her contributions and the indelible footprint she left on the world, we rarely hear about Grace Hopper the woman. Motivated by the desire to see female role models for more than just their accomplishments, filmmakers Melissa Pierce and Marian Mangoubi have teamed up to produce, Born with Curiosity, The Grace Hopper Movie.

The film weaves together the story of the life and times of Grace Hopper using archive footage and photographs, oral histories, dramatic re-enactments, and interviews with those who knew and worked with her.

“Grace was more than just a list of achievements and anecdotes, she was a complicated and driven woman who lived through an extraordinary era, did what others thought impossible, and changed the history of how we teach, learn about, and use modern day computers,” explain the filmmakers. “We believe it’s time to introduce the world to ‘Amazing Grace’ (aka the Grand Old Lady of Software) while also telling the story of the advent of computer programming and the technology we take for granted today.”

Release date: Spring 2016

About the filmmakers

Melissa Pierce and Marian Mangoubi met a few years ago while part of Chicago’s tech start-up scene. They discovered they had several things in common including their insatiable support for female leaders, an interest in all-things tech, and experience in making films.

Melissa Pierce is the Producer and Director of ‘Born with Curiosity’ and the award winning documentary ‘Life in Perpetual Beta‘.  She also founded Chicago Women Developers (CWD), a non-profit organization that teaches women how to code.

Marian Mangoubi is the Producer, Screenwriter and Researcher of ‘Born with Curiosity’.  Prior to this, she has served in various roles while working on film/television/web series productions. She has also spent time working as a digital marketer.