In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Brawny, the paper towel brand, has swapped its iconic Brawny Man for four inspirational women in a month long social media campaign called #StrengthHasNoGender.

The campaign launched with a new marketing video (above) featuring women cadets, fighter pilots, mountain climbers, civil rights activists and feminists, as well as a short docu-series highlighting women “from traditionally male-dominated professions who have overcome adversity and are empowering others through their accomplishments.”

Donning the brand’s signature black and red plaid shirt, the Brawny Women include:

Linda Alvarado CEO and President of Alvarado Construction, Inc. in Denver, Colorado; President of Palo Alto, Inc. Restaurant Company; co-owner of the Colorado Rockies; she was the first Latino owner – male or female – in Major League Baseball.

Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice President and Dean of the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia; founder of the Center for Women’s Health Research at Meharry Medical College; she is the first woman to lead the school as president and dean.

Maureen Stoecklein firefighter for the Canton, Michigan Fire Department; she has spent 16 years in a profession where women make up less than five percent of the workforce.

“Brawny is putting the spotlight on women who have rolled up their sleeves and exhibited strength and leadership in their fields,” said Laura Knebusch, vice president of marketing at Georgia-Pacific. “We are honored to tell the stories of these four inspirational women through our #StrengthHasNoGender campaign, and hope that they will empower women and girls everywhere to chase their dreams no matter what obstacles they face.”

While so many brands get marketing to women wrong, this is a pretty good example of getting it right. Sort of. While it’s fantastic to meet these women we all should know, it would be even better if Brawny could continue featuring strong and resilient women throughout the entire year. And as long as we’re going there… we’d like to see the campaign go offline and onto store shelves… now that would be a sight to see!