Last Thursday, we ran a story that became a viral sensation in less than 24 hours. It was our exclusive interview with artist David Trumble about a satirical cartoon he drew of ten of the world’s most inspiring women from past and present history as Disney Princesses. Since, our story has been viewed well over 1 million times, has been picked up by countless media outlets and continues to spark great debate, radically different viewpoints, and, in many cases, complete misinterpretations of the purpose of the cartoon. But it was David’s Anne Frank that caused the greatest reaction. He responded today.

David confirmed with us that he has made what he calls, “a small but important amendment to the Anne Frank cartoon. She is now ‘Diary Princess’.” He explained, “The many impassioned views of people disturbed by her former title has compelled me to make the change, since her life was an achievement of writing, not simply defined by her suffering.” You can see his newly named Princess below.

Also, due to overwhelming demand, each of David’s 10 satirical “World of Women” Disney Princess drawings are now available for purchase here.

David Trumble Diary Princess