Complete with oversized earphones, burly beads, and funky glasses, a gang of LEGO Hipsters (3 men, 2 women) rode in on their bikes and made a grand, but “effortless urban cool” entrance on the streets of Copenhagen last week.

But before you get too excited at the thought of adding this hip, motley crew to your own collection, you should know that LEGO, the Danish toy brick maker, designed them specifically for Copenhagen fashion week after being egged on to do so by the Guardian. It’s LEGO’s vision of what the typical Danish hipster looks like (apparently the look is universal, since they’re a pretty close match to our own American version, no?).

Design manager Tara Wike told the Guardian’s Helen Russell, “Danes do monochrome in a big way so the LEGO hipster girls keep it simple in black and grey, topped off by the ubiquitous black designer glasses. For the men, we teamed a blazer with a button-down shirt and mismatched suit trousers as well as a classic leather jacket with a striped T-shirt underneath. And of course, facial hair. Beards are big for Danish hipsters – the bigger the better.”

These are hilarious, and we SO need them in the U.S… how can you build anything related to Williamsburg, Brooklyn without them?!?!

Photographs: David Levene for the Guardian