Andi Last, a “photography enthusiast dealing with breast cancer,” took to Reddit to share how she has been transforming her look while going through grueling chemotherapy treatments.

She started to lose her hair thirteen days after the first round of treatment, and has since shaved her head. While embracing the baldness, Andi is also trying on some new looks including wigs, hats and henna tattoos.

In response to the many comments she’s received on her post, Andi says, “Breast cancer is the most difficult thing I’ve ever dealt with. It makes me so happy to know that these photos helped someone else with breast cancer in any way!”

Andi’s current favorite look of the moment is the henna tattoo, but we think she rocks them all!


“I have breast cancer. This is how I normally look.”


“13 days after my first round of chemotherapy, my hair started falling out. On day 18 I shaved my head. I don’t like wearing wigs much, but I’m glad to have them for days when I just want to go about my business without being noticed.”


“Most of the time I just go bald.”


“I love my flat cap. (Not a scarf person at all.)”


“I have fun with other wigs (I also have red and blue!)”


“This past weekend I got a henna tattoo! I’m halfway through treatment – and looking forward to putting it behind me.”