This Sesame Street clip is of a segment titled “Buffy Nurses Cody” that aired on the beloved, and still-running show way back in 1977. It features Buffy Sainte-Marie, a Cree singer-songwriter, and then regular visitor to the most famous street in the world, breastfeeding on air. It offers a simple, but wildly valuable lesson that some adults are still in desperate need of today.

In the scene, Buffy is breastfeeding her son, while explaining to Big Bird: “I’m feeding the baby. See? He’s drinking milk from my breast.” Big Bird responds, “That’s a funny way to feed a baby.” And Buffy says, “Lots of mothers feed their babies this way. Not all mothers, but lots of mothers do.”

In 1977 Big Bird didn’t tell Buffy to cover up, like far too many women are told to do today. Rather, he simply commented that it was… “nice”.

Buffy goes on to talk about why she loves breastfeeding her child, and how feeding the baby has changed since he was born. It’s a matter-of-fact moment that shows why breastfeeding is and should be a non-issue… then and now, over 40 years later. #GetOverIt