While the WNBA is still trying to find their way when it comes to cultivating fans and viewership, they have a clear brand message of equality, inclusiveness and respect, all of which are reflected in their inspiring new ad “Watch Me.”

The commercial ran last week during the semi-final games and features the talent, skill, personalities and passion of a number of WNBA players. In just 60 seconds we learn what these athletes have to endure, and their unwavering determination to meet those challenges and excel at what they love most.

I know what you’re thinking. You think I can’t.
You think I can’t go as hard as you. Cross you up, and go coast-to-coast.
You think I can’t train like a beast, give it everything I have and still be flawless.
You think I can’t open doors, be legendary, box her out, get her to school on time, show them I care.
“D” you up. Be who I want. Love who I want.
Inspire her, her and him.
Take the charge. Sink the “j.” Make ’em dance.
You think I can’t do this, this and that? All while chasing my dream?
Watch me.

Leaders of the WNBA have been criticized for the poor job they’ve done marketing the league and its players, both on and off the court. “Watch Me” is the first step in showing their commitment to the women and their fans, and we think it’s just brilliant!

The spots are running on ESPN, ESPN2, and other major sports networks.