Carol Brodie post surgery

Putting My Best Face Forward

While most of us were battling traffic to the nearest beach, Woman You Should Know, Carol Brodie was battling something else entirely, skin cancer. The prevalence of skin cancer is astonishing. It is the most common of all cancers and accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the United States with more than 2 million cases found each year. ...
Female Condom Show

Condom Couture

According to the AIDS 2012 Conference, in the twenty years since the first female condom came onto the market, studies have consistently shown it to be an effective barrier against unplanned pregnancy, and STD's, including HIV, and that there is a high level of acceptance for female condoms among women, but because of the lack of availability, most don’t even know they exist. Among the many conference highlights was a fashion show where dresses featured weren't made from cashmere or silk, but rather were created using female condoms....

Making New Friends Is Just A Click Away

Our girlfriends are always there for us, giving us a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and telling us exactly how it is. But developing new friendships as an adult doesn’t always come easy. Janis Kupferer did what any woman would…she solved the problem herself and created the premier, ladies only social networking site,