New Book Buzz

Book Buzz: Mothers & Daughters

The Women You Should Know team started to talk about some of our favorite titles that explore and celebrate the relationship between mothers and daughters. Some of these book suggestions have been around a long time, and others are new on the scene, but the common thread remains the same… the mother and daughter relationship is complicated, fiery, deep and intense, but one to learn from and to treasure....
Halle Becker

Women Talk: 10 Questions With Halle Becker, Your “Spiritual Gangster”

Meet Halle Becker: Kick ass yoga instructor, Lululemon Ambassador and single mom. We recently had a chance to speak with this wonder woman. She shares her story with us about where she is today, her love of practicing yoga with hundreds of people at once in New York's Bryant Park, what keeps her inspired and how she became an adoptive single mother. What you'll find is that Halle is a unique woman, helping others achieve their best while giving hers. Halle Becker is a Woman You Should Know....
The 'Hood Series

The ‘Hood Series: Embracing Aunthood

Forty seven percent of American women through age 44 are childless. That's up from 35 percent in 1976. All reasons this generation of women are not bearing children at the same rate their mothers did are valid. Melanie Notkin, America's foremost expert on modern aunthood, is the founder of Savvy Auntie, the first online community dedicated to aunts, and the go-to resource for the Savvy Auntie lifestyle. ...