We thought we had reached our fill of body image testimonial videos, but that was then and this is now.

Jubilee Project, a really cool group of men who make videos for a good cause, are tackling body image with their newest release “50 people 1 question short – Comfortable.”

“These days it is so easy to feel insecure about our appearance. Whether it is because of the mean comment that comes our way or the photoshopped image we see in magazines, it can be so easy to feel self-conscious about our body. We hope that this video will inspire you to be more comfortable and confident in yourself.”

“Beauty is not about what you don’t have, but about being comfortable in your own skin.”

There are several things we like about this video. First, it includes men, a good reminder that body image issues affect both genders. Second, the kids… yep, we are suckers for kids who just say it like it is and show up us adults as fools. Lastly, this video isn’t an ad, or put together by an ad agency like what we’ve previously seen and covered from Always, Pantene and Dove. It’s a PSA. Yes, it is “sponsored” by a beauty brand, but there isn’t a hard sell, and there isn’t a branded component to it. A distinction we think is worth mentioning.

In an effort to inspire others, along with the release of the video, Jubilee Project is encouraging participation in the #IAmComfortableBecause campaign.

“Tell us in under 140 characters what makes you comfortable in your own skin! Share what it means to be truly comfortable, confident, and beautiful. Tweet us and complete the sentence: #IAmComfortableBecause ….”

For more information on encouraging and promoting positive body image, visit our friends at Adios Barbie for a list of resources.