According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women play a majority role in positions within the food service industry, but the reality is that men still hold the most prominent kitchen jobs at independent restaurants across America.

And when it comes to women sushi chefs? That’s a tradition that has, and continues to be dominated by men, particularly in Japan where the excuses used to keep women away from the sushi counter are beyond archaic.

In spite of the barriers, a few women are out there challenging the myths and deep-rooted tradition, and making progress both here and abroad. One of them is trailblazer Nakaba Miyazaki, who in this video, explains the ridiculous sexism that she and other women have endured.

Originally from Japan, Nakaba pursued her passion for sushi and moved to New York to further her career. Today she is considered one of the best sushi chefs, working at Sushi Yasuda alongside master chef Mitsuru Tamura, who is more interested in Nakaba’s skill, commitment and dedication than her gender.