When now art director and and illustrator Pamela Seatter was in first grade, she won a poster contest, and knew at that moment she wanted to be an artist. Today, Pamela is living that dream and has just finished her first outdoor mural “Stronger Together,” a commissioned public work of art by the City of Elgin, IL.

“The mural was inspired by the Women’s Marches and the Me Too Movement,” Pamela shared with WYSK in an email. “When I attended the Women’s March in Chicago, I was overwhelmed by what a positive and empowering experience it was to stand in solidarity with so many people of all different ages, sizes, colors, and socio-economic backgrounds in support of women’s/human rights.”

The painting, a departure from the artist’s usual realistic style, “depicts a diverse group of women’s faces put together in the form of a quilt. Many different pieces coming together to form a whole, unified front. Quilting, a traditional women’s art form, represents the way we are connected by our common experiences, and the idea of women as the fabric of society.”

pamela seatter

Pamela started working on “Stronger Together” in early September, and completed the piece at the end of October. The mural, which stands 16’ x 14.5’ is at the Centre of Elgin parking garage. “It will be there for as long as it survives. I would expect at least 10 years… hopefully more!”

If you live in the Chicago area, you may have seen Pamela’s work, as she’s been exhibiting her art in shows in Chicagoland the past 17 years. Currently, she’s working with the art group Odd Ball Art Labs, a non-profit that curates a themed art exhibit once a year and sells small pieces of original art through a vintage converted cigarette machine.

Check out more of Pamela’s work here

Photos by Stage Photographic, courtesy of the City of Elgin and republished on Women You Should Know with express permission.