Multi-talented photographer and stylist Christine McConnell loves to bake. Although she may look like an American 1950’s housewife, she creates deliciously disturbing creepy confections that are sure to make Betty Crocker quake in her pumps.

Christine grew up watching Tim Burton and Alfred Hitchcock movies and has always been fascinated by the contrast of the orderly and the gruesome. “I’m very enamored with the style of the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s. But I love the goofy sense of comedy that came out of the 1980s. So my work is kind of a pretty/spooky combination of those things,” Christine told Buzzfeed.

“I have a new idea almost every other minute and I hope I never lose the energy to keep learning and trying new stuff.”

Some of our favorite creations from the self-taught baker are the monster cake made from waffle cones, layered with whipped cream, chocolate custard, and chocolate cake; the sugar cookie, inspired by the “Facehugger” from Alien; and who could resist the chicken pot pie, with the chicken’s feet and head sticking out?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy these delightful, devilish creations. Christine bakes for fun, and only for family and friends. She makes her living through her photography and stylist work, which can be seen in magazines, billboards and national ad campaigns.

Well, we’ll just have to join her over 100,000 followers on Instagram to get a taste of the ordinary turned extraordinary.

Monster Cake

Monster Cake

"Facehugger" from Alien

“Facehugger” from Alien



"Levitate" cake

“Levitate” cake

Alien cookies

Alien cookies and Mr. Biggles