Pins, stems, gams… whatever you call them, women’s legs have always held a mysterious allure. It’s this allure that inspired photographer Stacey Baker to create City Legs, a recurring series of photos documenting the various styles and shapes of women’s legs in New York City.

Stacey, 45, an associate photo editor at The New York Times, started taking photos of women’s legs last year, “Like a lot of people who live in New York, I walk a great deal, and almost everywhere you look, you see wonderfully stylish people,” says Stacey.

When looking for subjects to photograph, Stacy looks for legs that interest her, whether it be the shape of a woman’s legs or her stance, what she may be wearing, or a some kind of combination.

“I do it as I walk to and from work most days, during lunch in the area where I work and on the weekends. I always approach the women and ask for permission. If they’re game, I take their pictures on the street or sidewalk with my iphone and upload many of the pictures to my tumblr accounts. Occasionally, I get a negative response, but for the most part, the women I approach are game and seem pleased to have been asked. A number of women have told me I’ve made their day.”

Well, she’s made ours too! Stacey has photographed over 300 legs, here’s a small selection of some of our favorites.







All photos © Stacey Baker