After many discussions with her girlfriends, Tiffany Gaines – a 23 year old graduate student studying the intersection of design, business, and social impact – set out to find a solution to the great condom quandary than so many women face… the often embarrassing, awkward, and downright dreadful act of buying them.

Tiffany’s mission was to de-stigmatize the typical relationship that lots of women have with male condoms, so as to encourage more open communication about the importance of handling your own health and well-being when it comes to sex.

In talking about the feedback she got from women she knows, Tiffany explains on her site, “Condoms were simply one of those items that we dreaded purchasing. So much so, that in most cases, we avoided buying them and therefore relied on guys to be prepared with them. However, in many cases guys aren’t prepared with them, and in some cases we then compromise our health and safety.”

Her solution: Lovability™ Condoms, a pretty-meets-practical line of male condoms that women would feel more comfortable buying, carrying, and whipping out when desire calls.

What makes them different?

Lovability pouchBrand Packaging: discrete, retro style tin (holds three premium, lubricated, FDA approved condoms)

Condom Packaging: individually wrapped in easy open, no-tear “buttercup” foil packs

Strong Messaging: “Savvy women know that relying on guys to provide the prophylactics is both old-fashioned and risky…”; “…we aim to help women celebrate the empowerment that comes from being prepared.”

Availability: Tiffany is making her condoms available for purchase in women-centric environments where condoms aren’t typically available: beauty supply stores, lingerie stores, department stores, accessory boutiques

While we applaud Tiffany’s fearless entrepreneurial spirit, appreciate the new narrative she’s creating around women and male condoms, and love the mission she has launched on behalf of sexually active, single women everywhere, it’s brand statements like the following that dilute the impact of her important message, in our opinion…

“Our condoms are designed to mimic the emotional equivalent of a woman buying her favorite cosmetic product or accessory.”

What do you think?