When Colleen Jordan was an Industrial Design student she dreamed of doing a project that would allow people to carry plants on them… small farms growing on raincoats, little plants living on lapels, flowers hitching a ride on bike handlebars. Almost every professor she presented her idea to said, “Not in my class,” which made her want to do it even more. Now a successful Atlanta-based designer and artist, Colleen has been living her dream since 2011 through her innovative company Wearable Planter.

So what started as a stroke of creativity turned into an after work project, and ultimately became Colleen’s full-time gig, of which the entrepreneur says, “I’ve never made a better decision.” Over the last five years, her Wearable Planter studio has gone from making just necklaces to a broader range of jewelry and whimsical objects that let you tote real flowers and actual plants (she includes “how to” planting instructions and recommendations on which plants work best) in the most genius way.

“I strive to create things to make life more pleasant.”

If you’ve got a green thumb or are a nature lover, it’s hard not to be enamored with Colleen’s entire collection. But we’re particularly smitten with her mini bike planters and vases, which through their clever design and unique look take the art of handlebar accessorizing to a whole new green, super cool, ultra modern level.

Each is created digitally with modeling software and then 3D printed out of nylon, and finished by hand. The vases clip onto a bike’s handlebars and stay in place with tension, and the planters attach firmly to the bike’s frame with a strong elastic cord.

Like we said… genius, not to mention… adorable!

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