Ten-year-old Isabella Nicola was born with a partially-developed left arm, but she hasn’t let that stand in the way of achieving her dream to play the violin.

With the help of some bio-engineering students from George Mason University and a 3-D printer, Isabella now has a specially designed prosthetic to help her reach that goal.

Prior to getting the customized prosthetic, Isabella’s music teacher built her a make-shift prosthetic that allowed her move the bow, but it was too heavy for her so he decided to reach out to his alma mater to get some technical help.

In stepped five students, Abdul Gouda, Mona Elkholy, Ella Noveselsky, Racha Salha and Yasser Alhindi who worked with Isabella for a year, and after a lot of trial and error, the team came up with a prosthetic that gives her more control, comfort and hope.

While she knew it was a challenge for everyone involved, Isabella never gave up. “I’ve always had perseverance in myself,” she said. “Giving up has just never been a thought in my head.”

A big lesson we can all learn from!