We’ve written about several coloring books over the past year, some for kids and others for adults, but all extraordinary in their own inspiring way.

Our newest obsession is Color Her: A Mix ‘n Match Coloring Book that invites users to create their own “uber-woman” by mixing and matching the heads, torsos and legs of inspirational icons, from mythological to contemporary figures.

There are 12 “ladies” featured in the book that make up more than 2,000 possible combinations to build your own fantasy character. There’s even a space to draw your own self-portrait and add it to the mix.


Fashion designer Katrin Leblond and graphic artist Iris Glaser came up with the idea for the book as a way to “discover and play with the myriad roles we inhabit as women.” The artists, who both have daughters, also wanted to give their kids something more than princesses, ballerinas or corporately owned characters to dream about.

“Can’t decide if you’re a farm girl or a circus lady? Fantasize about sporting a skateboard or a mermaid tail? Ever feel like a modern-day warrior goddess? Be them all in this coloring book.” This is girl-power creativity for all ages.

Check out these empowering and delightful combinations, courtesy of Color Her.






To purchase the book on the Color Her website or at Amazon