British comedian Laura Lexx posted this video on her Facebook page last week, taken at one of her recent sets where she was interrupted by a sexist heckler.

“This was my fight with ‘that’ heckler the other day before the heroes that are Komedia staff asked him politely to leave (minus his friends who refused to make eye contact with him as he was escorted out),” Laura posted.

Although it’s hard to hear exactly what the heckler is saying, Laura’s hilarious responses make it pretty clear as to what she was dealing with.

Responding to his shout that he expected a man on stage, Laura said, “Listen my darling, I am very glad that you’ve come… the thing with stand-up comedy is that it’s a bit like sex with your missus, it’s just better if you let her get on with it on her own.”

Kudos to this talented woman who flawlessly slayed the sexist beast!