For whatever reason, the fashion industry just doesn’t want to give women the pockets they need and deserve. Women’s pants, dresses, skirts and jackets often have no pockets, or are decorated with fakes! Yes, something that looks like a pocket, but has no functionality whatsoever. The struggle is real.

In this 1 minute video starring, written, produced and directed by WYSK reader Maddy Butler from Sydney, Australia asks and hilariously answers “Would you survive the apocalypse in women’s pants?”

“People mock women for having handbags all the time, but what are we meant to do when we can barely fit keys, wallet and a phone into our pants?” Maddy shares with WYSK. “The impracticality of some women’s pants astounds me – and it would be even worse in an apocalypse – which (if our TV shows are anything to go by) could happen anytime.”

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