British comedian Pippa Evans, known for her work in character and improvisational comedy, has created the perfect song about consent. Featured on BBC Radio, Pippa goes over some scenarios in which someone may feel the desire to touch another person, her advice… “How about you don’t!”

While this may sound funny, it’s really no laughing matter. Based on the countless situations many women have and continue to encounter, it’s clear that there’s still a lack of clarity surrounding the topic of consent. So take Pippa’s advice and pass it along… “Don’t touch people who do not want to be touched, even if you want to touch them.”

More about Pippa

Pippa is a core member of the Olivier Award winning Showstoppers!, which makes up musicals, on the spot. She is also the co-creator of Sunday Assembly – “a network of Godless Congregations around the world”. You can follow her on Twitter