Comedic actor and singer Rachel Pallante works at the sketch comedy institution Esther’s Follies in Austin, TX where she impersonates political figures… Ruth Bader Ginsburg being one of them. She channels the Supreme Court Justice in her newest video to “get people excited about voting in the midterms.”

“Living in Texas, this election is very important, especially for women and minorities. With the documentary and movie coming out, I thought RBG was the perfect person to deliver this message,” Rachel told WYSK in an email. “She really paved the way, and I hope she gets to see our country continue to move forward in these troubling times.”

You can find Rachel Pallante on YouTube and Instagram.


Announcer : All Rise for the Supreme Court. The honorable, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG: That’s Notorious RBG
Aka spitting truth Ruth
Remember in November
To get that little tuchas in a booth
Oh, you fittin to learn
Hashtag midterm

It’s gunna be so lit and fly
VOTE or I’ll Dieeee

Get out and vote
Get out and vote
It’s ya motha’s father’s fight
When they got off the boat (echo: they got off the boat)
Get out and vote
Get out and vote
Everybody exercise it’s your right to vote

Go out and vote, kids
This ish ain’t funny.
Bout to riot the polls like it’s 1920 (echo: suffragettes)

Left, right, someone who’s distinguished
Unlike that groping orange clown who can’t use proper English. (Echo: 45)
You’re tired of poliTRICKs

You think that your vote don’t count?
Then a dictator wins by a small amount
Let’s Come together, let’s write our fate, power to the people control government and state

It’s my philosophy, we have Democracy, so we can have a voice against hypocrisy
If your countries being ruled in the wrong direction. Stand up, speak out, go HAAM this election
Your honor, objection (mic drop)

Sung: America, wake up and vote
We the people can make the change
Just be registered, a citizen, and meet the legal age range (echo: No felons)
It’s time we rock the vote
Nothing can be more sicker
Than taking a selfie with a “i voted” sticker

It’s the Octogenarian Contrarian
here to drop knowledge bombs

Oh, YOU don’t like violence?
Then stop being silent
Keep your bullets, we got ballots
And I’m not afraid to use this Mallot

Order, order. New World Order in the court.
So do Ginsburg proud even if you choose independent
Honor those who fought for the 15th amendment
This is my life’s work,  I’ve seen a lot at 85
And I’ll be damned if things don’t change while I’m still alive

Directed by: Errich Petersen Written & Performed by: Rachel Pallante