In December 2014, comedic actor-writer Dara Laine created what she calls “a new and feminist approved” version of the holiday classic Baby, It’s Cold Outside, which was written in 1944 by musical composer Frank Loesser. In her rendition, Dara takes only 38 seconds to make her point, which resonates louder than ever this year as controversy continues to swirl around the 74-year-old song with one radio station recently banning it, until the majority of its Bay Area listeners made it clear they still want to hear it.

Loesser originally wrote Baby, It’s Cold Outside as a “private social piece” for he and his wife to perform, informally, at a housewarming party they were having. It was eventually used by MGM in the movie Neptune’s Daughter (1949), twice, once performed by Esther Williams and Ricardo Montalbán and the other by Betty Garrett and Red Skelton (they sang the opposite parts with her convincing him to stay), earning Loesser the Academy Award for Best Original Song that year.

By today’s standards some people argue his original ‘mouse and wolf’ or ‘call and response’ style lyrics are creepy at best, and border on date rape at worst. But there are others who simply enjoy the song for what it is.

Original Song Lyrics by Frank Loesser, 1944

I really can’t stay (But baby, it’s cold outside)
I’ve got to go away (But baby, it’s cold outside)

This evening has been (Been hoping that you’d drop in)
So very nice (I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice)

My mother will start to worry (Beautiful, what’s your hurry?)
My father will be pacing the floor (Listen to the fireplace roar)

So really I’d better scurry (Beautiful, please don’t hurry)
But maybe just a half a drink more (Put some records on while I pour)

The neighbors might think (Baby, it’s bad out there)
Say, what’s in this drink? (No cabs to be had out there)

I wish I knew how (Your eyes are like starlight now)
To break this spell (I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell)

I ought to say no, no, no, sir (Mind if I move in closer?)
At least I’m gonna say that I tried (What’s the sense in hurting my pride?)

I really can’t stay (Baby, don’t hold out)
Oh, but it’s cold outside

I simply must go (But baby, it’s cold outside)
The answer is no (But baby, it’s cold outside)

This welcome has been (How lucky that you dropped in)
So nice and warm (Look out the window at that storm)

My sister will be suspicious (Gosh, your lips look delicious)
My brother will be there at the door (Waves upon a tropical shore)

My maiden aunt’s mind is vicious (Ooh, your lips are delicious)
But maybe just a cigarette more (Never such a blizzard before)

I’ve got to get home (But baby, you’ll freeze out there)
Say, lend me your comb (It’s up to your knees out there)

You’ve really been grand (I thrill when you touch my hand)
But don’t you see (How can you do this thing to me?)

There’s bound to be talk tomorrow (Think of my life long sorrow)
At least there will be plenty implied (If you caught pneumonia and died)

I really can’t stay (Get over that old doubt)
Oh, but it’s cold outside