Last week we shared our opinion on an infographic we received from British fashion retailer New Look on the Do’s & Don’ts of Women’s Business Attire. In case you missed it… well, let’s just say we are still cringing at their “basic rules”.

It seems as though we weren’t the only ones shocked at the moronic messages New Look was spewing. WYSK reader Cara Ullrich, a metalworks artist and business owner, reached out to WYSK to give us her take on it. In one word… BRILLIANT!

Pay Attention To Your Toes

Steel toe shoes are a good choice should you drop some granite on your foot!


Leather closed toe shoes are a safe bet if you work with power tools.


Wet Hair?

No one cares. Protect yourself, sister.


Don’t Wear Too Many Accessories

Or any, for that matter. Get a bracelet caught in a drill press and you’ve got a broken hand, or worse.



Fresh, mineral-based makeup tells your clients you’re a hard worker.


Whether you have a manicure or not, invest in some good, well-fitted gloves.


Say NO To Lycra!

Lycra? WTF? That stuff is flammable, yo! Don’t EVER do this!


More About Cara

CaraUllrichCara is the owner and artisan of Synergy Metalworks in Marion, Iowa. Raised and educated in Iowa, she headed north to Minneapolis/Saint Paul after grad school and enjoyed a first career as a technical director and scenic carpenter in the Twin Cities theater community. Returning to her home state in 2008, she bought her own welder and started Synergy Metalworks – creating fine, functional, and custom art for the  home and garden. When she’s not welding, you can find her crafting desserts as a pastry chef in the kitchen of a local restaurant.