“Everyone wants me to make pancakes. I’m a lot fancier than that. So today we’re making crepes!”

Since the September 2016 debut of her online series, ‘Cooking with Ava‘, this 3-year-old has become quite the celebrity “chef” with legions of adoring fans, like us, who love to learn and laugh along with her as she tackles all sorts of recipes. Apparently, one of the most common requests Ava gets from viewers is for pancakes. But as Ava said, “Pancakes are too easy.” So instead, she opted to demo how she makes crepes, and not just any crepes… her special ‘Nut Seller’ Crepes (a.k.a. Nutella Crepes).

We adore Ava here at Women You Would Know and this is definitely our favorite videoCooking with Ava‘ episode yet.