John Marcotte is “One Of The Coolest Dads We Know”. So it’s no surprise that he introduced us to another Dad equally deserving of this esteemed WYSK title. Meet Sam Farmer. After an eye opening experience buying deodorant for his adolescent son and daughter, the stay at home Dad went on a mission to bring gender neutrality to the teen personal care products aisle.

sexy_deodorant“Looking at the rows of deodorant, I noticed that the girls’ section was filled with brands labeled ‘Tease’ and ‘Play It Sexy’ – there was even a Playboy line,” Farmer, who lives in Britain, told Yahoo Shine. “For the boys, all I saw were brands that read, ‘Control’ and ‘Attract.’” The submissive messaging aimed at girls was packaged in pink and the macho tag lines intended for boys were steel grey.

The proverbial light bulb went on for Sam when his daughter mentioned that she couldn’t relate to the names and phrases on her beauty products. “When you become a dad, you become more passionate about certain things and I wanted my daughter to learn that in order to make change, sometimes you have to create it yourself,” says Farmer. “It was my responsibility to teach that to my kids.”

With that, the determined dad headed back to school to study cosmetic science at a local university. He then teamed up with former executives from two major skincare companies (Kiehl’s and Ren). The end result: a unisex range of expert skin and hair care, specifically formulated for young adults that focuses on bodywashing, NOT brainwashing. The colorful packaging is modern, fun, and, most importantly, void of any sexual stereotypes.

SamFarmer_BW-DSam’s brand name is as simple as the gentle ingredients he uses in his line of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, moisturizer, and, of course, deodorant (the catalyst that kicked off his venture into the beauty biz). He calls it – SAMFARMER – and ego has nothing to do with it.

On the brand’s website, Sam explains, “I’m fed up with not knowing who is responsible for a product or faceless call centres. So my name’s on the front and my phone number is 00 44 7775783339.”

And THIS is why Sam Farmer is “One Of The Coolest Dads We Know.”


The product has been available online since January 2013, BUT… this June, the cool Dad’s SAMFARMER collection will hit store shelves on both sides of the pond at Space NK in New York City and London.