If you’re an epicurean explorer, culinarily curious, or just a straight up food lover, then this tasty ode to “something on a stick day” (with a twist) is for you!

We’ve put together a killer feast for the eyes and the mouth featuring 10 mouthwatering bites that will make you rethink food on a stick, once and for all.

PS – There’s not a corn dog in sight AND almost all of the ideas are straight from the creative brains of some really awesome women.

1. Pancakes On A Stick

Pancakes on a stick

By Stix NY; find them on the restaurant’s brunch menu

2. Coffee On A Stick

coffee on a stickBy SprinkleBakes; “how to” here

3. Grilled Cheese On A Stick

Grilled Cheese on a stick

By Christy Robbins; “how to” here

4. Pizza On A Stick

pizza-on-a-stickBy Artisan Bread In 5; “how to” here

5. Spiral Potato On A Stick

Spiral Potato

By Seasaltwithfood; “how to” here

6. Kale (and other good stuff) On A Stick


By Go Running, Mama; “how to” here

7. Spaghetti And Meatballs On A Stick

spaghetti and meatballs on a stickBy Dallas News; “how to” here

8. Perfectly-Portioned, Tiny Pies On A Stick

Pie PopsBy Bakerella; “how to” here

9. Green Tea & Avocado On A Stick


By Munchin With Munchkin; “how to” here

10. Red Wine On A Stick

Red Wine Lollipops

By SprinkleBakes; “how to” here