It was a cold Rhode Island winter in 2010 that led Courtney Church to start scanning the Periodic Table of Elements. She wasn’t looking to bone up on her chem savvy; she just had the sudden urge to try to create words and phrases using the one and two-letter abbreviations of the elements’ names. Little did she know, this fun pastime would soon become the basis for a nerd-chic apparel and servingware brand she calls Periodically Inspired.

periodically inspired baby geniusBy combining Ba (Barium), B (Boron), Y (Yttrium), Ge (Germanium), Ni (Nickel), U (Uranium), and S (Sulfur), the first phrase Courtney formed was BaBY GeNiUS. She told WYSK, “My only intention at the time was to print that phrase on onesies as a hobby while maintaining my full-time job at Turbine/WB Games.” But living up to her brand’s name, over the next 4 years, she periodically discovered over a dozen other inspired words/phrases and Periodically Inspired became her full-time work.

“I dropped the ‘BaBY’ and started printing GeNiUS adult tees, followed by NErDy, and WISe AsS tees and servingware.” Soon after, talk NErDy to me, NO BRaIn NO GaIN and BRaInY CHICK were born, followed by the Made By GeNiUSEs and GeNiUS In Training onesies. Courtney continues to grow her brand by adding new elemental words and clever phrases like LaB BratNErDy By Nature and I eat TaCOS periodically (a best seller) to the collection, which now includes baby, toddler/youth, men’s and women’s apparel, as well as coffee mugs.

periodically inspired group

Based on her subject matter, one might assume that Courtney has an education/background in the sciences or chemistry, specifically. But other than studying the elements in high school, and developing a more recent admiration for Dmitri Mendeleev, the Russian chemist and inventor who discovered the periodic law and formulated the periodic table of elements in 1869, she doesn’t. “The extent to which I am so immersed in the Periodic Table today still surprises me. It’s simply an idea run wild!”


Courtney does, however, have a BA in Communications (General Marketing) with a Business Administration minor, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. The compounding of her creativityand business acumen have proven to be a GeNiUS formula for success.