Just when we thought Disney Princess merchandise marketing could fall no further into the magically revolting rabbit hole of creepy, sexualized, and inappropriate (see here and here), we stumbled upon a Japanese online retailer nestled in its bowels. Within their Disney “Fantasy Shop” you’ll find lingerie sets for adult women modeled after the dresses of Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Rapunzel. EWW!!!

Compliments of Google Translate, their “Princess Bra & Shorts Sets”, which run roughly $38.00, are described as follows: “Bra beautiful chest designed to make a round of three-dimensional breast. Shorts is a delicate design gorgeous drifts.”

The lingerie is also said to have “realistic detail” (as in… hey ladies, you can now play authentic Disney Princess dress-up in your skivvies… what the what?!?!) and lets us grown-up girls (a.k.a. women) be a part of the Disney Princess world that we “all long to secretly enjoy.”

While the translation is a bit off, it’s easy to get the gist of their message, which completely creeps us out.

Their “fantasy” is nothing short of our personal nightmare.


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