As Kate Schatz, author of the Rad Women series, said in her post about Halloween costumes, “Cultural appropriation is real. Halloween is fun, but please be culturally respectful & responsible when dressing up. Ok? Ok.”

In a step to “challenge you to look into the faces of the people whose culture you co-opt,” Teen Vogue has put together this video featuring 6 women who talk about how and why certain Halloween costumes are offensive and racist.

“Hear their stories of being shamed for their lei, hijab, and Afro, only to see their peers make a mockery of it. See their reactions — tears, scowls, laughs to ‘keep from crying’ — as they come face-to-face with culturally appropriative costumes, sent to us by some of the world’s biggest online retailers,” the magazine shares. “Watch them triumphantly tear those same costumes apart, a symbolic act and a call-to-arms to young people to end cultural appropriation with our generation.”

If you or someone you know doesn’t understand the term, or how it applies to Halloween costumes, we ask you to share this video as it shows the “painful, human side of cultural appropriation.”