“My father always told me, ‘Just keep doing what you’re doing.'” – Cynthia Hornig, on the best business advice she’s ever gotten

In this episode of Sally Hubbard’s Women Killing It! podcast, hear the story of how three-time entrepreneurs Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig took the leap to launch Women You Should Know six years ago and change the conversation around women. From how to ask for what you want, to how to overcome the impostor syndrome, listen for the lessons Jen and Cynthia have learned in their nearly 18-year long partnership.

After a decade running OUTHOUSE pr, the award-winning, NYC-based PR agency they co-founded, Jen Jones and Cynthia Hornig launched Women You Should Know® (WYSK) in September 2011 on a mission to tell the untold stories of relatable, everyday women (and girls) across the country and globe who are making things happen in their world; women everyone should know who don’t get the recognition they deserve.

On this episode of the Women Killing It! podcast, Jen and Cynthia share that their frustration with how women were being talked to and about by mainstream media spurred them to open up the conversation to reflect women’s many dimensions, and to create a brand founded on women celebrating, inspiring and supporting one another. Over the last six years, they have grown WYSK to be a leading digital hub of women’s and girls’ empowerment, centered on an editorial site and fueled by a dynamic social community.

Jen and Cynthia also talk about the launch of their sister brand, Women You Should Fund, a crowdfunding platform built to help women and women-led teams make their products, projects, and ventures a reality. Their debut campaign #BringHarrietHome, which they ran in partnership with the Harriet Tubman Home in March 2017, made national news headlines and exceeded its $25,000 goal in less than 3 weeks. The first film to run on the platform – “Big Sonia” a woman-directed documentary – met and exceeded its $75,000 goal, raising nearly $80K.

Jen Jones, on asking for what you want in business and life… 

“You don’t get what you don’t ask for…What’s the worst that can happen? All you’re going to get is a no. But if you don’t ask for what you want there’s no chance you’re going to get what you want. So take the risk. Throw the dice, and see what happens.”

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