Jodi Lynn, an illustrator from Detroit, MI, has been doodling ever since she could pick up a pencil, but it wasn’t until a few years ago, when she made her first shrinky dink, that she decided to share her delightful doodles with the world. And boy are we glad she did!

“I did my first shrink film doodles while watching the Cosmos. I drew a picture of Carl Sagan, baked him in the oven, and made a pin of him,” Jodi explains. “Suddenly everyone was asking me ‘Where did you get that!? Make me one!’ So I started to make more. Than I got asked to draw other science figures and scholars, so I started to have a collection of them.”

Following the word-of-mouth success, Jodi opened an Etsy shop where she sells illustrations, cards and awesome wood and shrinky dink magnets, which includes a selection of scientists, cyclists, country and Motown singers, among others.

While we’d love to see more women featured in the scientist selection, Jodi’s representations of Rosalind Franklin, Ada Lovelace and Barbara McClintock are definitely collectible worthy.

Here are a few of our women you should know favorites. Check out more at Jodi Lynn’s Emporium of Doodles.

loretta magnet

patsy magnet

dolly magnet

billie fleming magnet

longo magnet

gladys magnet

marywells magnet