Why rely on Marvel or DC to create the Super Hero of your dreams? Why hold your breath waiting for the big box toy stores to realize that girls like action figures too? Why ask, “Um… where’s Gamora?” when you can simply make her (and way bigger than Hasbro did) with your own two hands?

DIY Action Fig_blankThat’s right… action figures just became the latest product category to hit the hands-on, customizable world of DIY thanks to the mad scientists at ThinkGeek. They’ve given Super Hero fans, young and old, a blank canvas on which to add our own paint, clay, and other bits, so we can all make the action figures (female and male) we’ve always wanted.

Each customizable Action Figure Kit comes with a removable cape, three different pairs of arms, and 14 points of articulation. They’re made out of semi-flexible PVC plastic to allow for a combination of movement, the ability to take paint, and an easy time swapping out limbs and heads.

Standing a mighty 6″ tall, your favorite Super Hero can now be whomever or whatever you want her (or him) to be… it’s entirely up to you and your imagination.

PS – Would we like to see the female Super Hero’s insanely cinched waistline made larger, as in big enough to allow for her to breathe while saving the world? YES! But that’s where the magic of strategically placed clay can come into play, giving her lungs the extra room they need to fully expand. For the record, we do dig her powerful shoulders, and thighs. His bizarre “thigh gap,” on the other hand, could use some serious claymation therapy.