“As a father of daughters of my own, I could not help but be drawn to wanting to help solve this mystery and to find out why these families felt that they were not getting the justice they deserved.”

This is what inspired Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning documentarian Joe Berlinger to make ‘Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio’, an upcoming eight-part documentary series set to air next month on Spike TV. It focuses on the story of six young women who went missing, with four turning up dead, in Chillicothe, Ohio. Together with intelligence analyst Angela Clemente, Berlinger sets out an unwavering quest “to uncover the facts and provide needed closure for the family members of the victims.”

Staring in May 2014 and in the 12 months that followed, the small Southern Ohio community of about 25,000 people was rocked by the disappearance of six women, all in their 20s or 30s. Tiffany Sayre, Timberly Claytor, Shasta Himelrick and Tameka Lynch were all found dead. Charlotte Trego and Wanda Lemons remain missing. All of their cases are still unsolved.

According to a Spike TV press release

“Over the past three years, a murderous dark cloud has hung over Chillicothe, a small town about an hour’s drive from Columbus, Ohio. Four of the victims’ bodies have been discovered, while two women remain missing, leaving residents terrified and local authorities baffled. The investigation, which is still active and happening in real time, has extended to additional cities in the region as the body count has expanded beyond the original six.

“Despite the fact that these women are mothers, wives, and daughters of area residents, many of the victims’ family members are extremely frustrated.  They believe that local law enforcement have dragged their heels on solving these crimes because the victims were involved with either drugs or prostitution…or both. Law Enforcement maintains they have been doing everything possible to solve these murders, while Berlinger and his crew have mounted an investigation of their own to help solve these crimes and look into the accusations of police mishandling.”

Of the docuseries, Chachi Senior, Spike TV’s Senior Vice President, Alternative Programming and Development, explains, “Although the missing women in Ohio initially garnered national media attention, they seem to have been forgotten about without any real justice being served. After discussing with Joe we were compelled to try and give these women a voice.”

‘Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio’ airs Saturday, July 22 at 9 PM on Spike TV.