We are big fans of ‘yarnbombing‘, a particularly beautiful and cozy form of street art, also known as yarn graffiti, ‘yarnstorming‘ or yarn activism. So when the photo on the right was sent to us with no who, what, where info included, we went cybersleuthing to fill in the blanks and give credit where credit is due.

Meet Gia, a Los Angeles based dollmaker and yarnbomber who works under the brand name Hooked Hands. By masterfully interlocking loops of yarn with her crochet hook she not only creates statement-making pieces like this palm tree wrap, she makes the most adorably awesome collection of dolls… a number of which are oh-so-wysky.

From Basquiat and Eazy E, to Deadpool, and Pennywise The Clown, Gia’s Hooked Hands dolls include pop culture icons and characters, as well as “custom crochet critters”. But we are particularly smitten with her dolls that are based on real and fictional women everyone should know, like her supreme RBG (above left), along with her Frida, Janelle, Rosie, and Zoya (you’re welcome ‘GLOW’ fans). Since these are just a few of our faves be sure to check out all of Gia’s offerings on her Hooked Hands Etsy shop. Shop small, shop woman-owned… just saying. You can also see more of her handiwork on the @hookedhands Instagram.

Frida Kahlo – Janelle Monae (Pynk video) – Rosie The Riveter

Gia’s Hooked Hands Yarnbombing

lead photo credit: Hooked Hands Facebook page