This new campaign by Theresa Wkokka and Frida Regeheim, along with a group of students from Miami Ad School in Hamburg, Germany, perfectly captures the absurdity that comes with measuring a woman by the neckline of her top, the length of her skirt or height of her heels.

Although not a completely unique idea, this execution expands on the one seen in 2013 by Pomona Lake, and serves as reminder that too often women and girls are under intense social judgment for the simple act of getting dressed. Unfortunately, the fact is that what a woman chooses to wear can and likely will dictate people’s assumptions about her personality, promiscuity and intention.

It should be noted that Terre Des Femme, the Swiss human rights group, are not involved in the creation or publication of the campaign and did not approve the use of their logo. Nevertheless, they have made the following statement: “‘Don’t Measure A Woman’s Worth By Her Clothes’ is a campaign well done, and in principle we support the message the campaign is spreading: No matter what a woman is wearing, she will be judged by it.”