Our editorial team received the following email last week… I have an awesome infographic that might be a good fit for Women You Should Know if you have a few minutes to check it out?”

We did indeed check it out and quickly realized that the folks behind it A) have never looked at our site, B) need a reality check, and C) must think women are morons.

biz attire_cleanThe infographic is from New Look, a British based, self-described “leading fast fashion retailer,” and covers the subject of “The Do’s & Don’ts of Women’s Business Attire”.

According to the pitch, it “provides a number of basic rules for choosing business attire including what is best to wear for interviews and social events at work,” like wearing clean, crease-free clothes. Really? Really!

Here are some our absolute favorites from their list of “basic rules”…. and by favorites we mean the ones that made us laugh the loudest, cringe the hardest, and shake our heads in complete disbelief that this garbage is being spewed to professional women… in 2014!

Your Eyes May Be The Window To Your Soul, But Apparently Unpolished Toes Are The Window To Your Poor Work Ethic

biz attire_pedi

Wait… Didn’t You Just Tell Us To Get Regular Pedicures? Now You Want Us In Close Toed Shoes?

biz attire_shoes

Wet Hair Says, “I Have Time Management Issues” And Drying It Is Your Womanly Duty. Who Knew?

biz attire_hair

Bangle Bracelets? No Way! Your Jewelry Should Be Library Atmosphere Friendly… Even If You Don’t Work In A Library

biz attire_jewelry

Be Bold! Just Not When It Comes To Hair And Makeup… It Seems You’ll Be Far Too Distracting

biz attire_makeup

Drat! Your Plan To Exclusively Wear Lycra To Work Has Just Been Foiled…

biz attire_job bra

Unless You Are Jillian Michaels!