Happy birthday to Dr. Jane Goodall, who turns 83 years young today! The pioneering primatologist, ethologist, anthropologist and environmental activist is calling on everyone to join this month’s March for Science to stand up and speak out against those working to undermine and “belittle” scientific research.

In this video that was posted over the weekend, Dr. Jane Goodall talks about the important role science has played in her life, and takes climate change skeptics to task.

“Many scientists have spent years collecting information about the effect of human actions on the climate. There’s no question that the climate is changing, I’ve seen it all over the world. And the fact that people can deny that humans have influenced this change in climate is quite frankly absurd.”

The video was in direct response to the U.S President’s recent executive order for federal agencies to reconsider initiatives and policies that are in place on greenhouse gas emissions, and his announcement of vowing to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate change agreement.

March for Science, which is being organized by a “diverse, nonpartisan group,” is on Earth Day, April 22nd in Washington, D.C. Like with the Women’s March, there are more than 400 additional marches planned for that day in cities around the world. The goal of the march is to “highlight the valuable public service role science plays in society and policy and demonstrate the deep public support for science.”

Dr. Goodall believes in the power of research, curiosity, equity, community and compassionate leadership, and is encouraging everyone to stand up and and have our voices be heard.

For more information visit marchforscience.com and janegoodall.org