Last week, we told you about Tereza Nemessanyi’s Buying XX for Xmas, the uber comprehensive Holiday Gift Guide of products and services from women-led companies. We’ve checked out some of the goods on her list and one item we really loved are DrinkDotz. These reusable, interchangeable, hip looking vinyl dots “cling” to the side of any glass to identify whose glass is whose. A modern, fool proof way to never drink out of anyone else’s glass but your own! Their concept is so much cooler than those dinky wine glass charms that were everywhere ten years ago and their design is super chic.

DrinkDotz are available in contemporary designs like giraffe or tiger prints and sold in packs that include 12 different colors. What a great accessory to have on hand when you’re entertaining at home. We also think they’d make a really unique hostess gift, a fun stocking stuffer or the perfect thing to give to that fabulous woman you know who has everything.

Terri & Jennifer Co-Founders of Indigo RootDrinkDotz are made by Indigo Root, a home accessories business based in Seattle, Washington and co-founded by two women – Terri and Jennifer. They make innovative, fashion-forward products for home decor… things that can add oomph, style, and a little fun to everyday living.

What really impressed us about Indigo Root is that Terri and Jennifer create their own designs and manufacture their products locally in Seattle. According to their site, it was important to them to produce products in the United States. They explain, “We made the decision to do so and although it has proved challenging – especially for a small business – we have stood by the decision based on our principles and desire to bring jobs and prosperity back to our country.” WE LOVE THAT!

Be sure and check out some of Terri and Jennifer’s other really cool Indigo Root products here.