Last week, we shared our thoughts on Frito-Lay’s ridiculous new marketing campaign for its “man hunger” satisfying Ruffles Ultimate potato chips. But this week, the Mars Inc. candy company is coming in at a close second with this new ad, which visually implies that if a man is hungry he won’t have the bedroom skills necessary to even get to “first base”, unless he eats a Snickers bar. AMAZING… we had no idea that A) men could get so hungry that their fingers no longer work and/or turn into boxing gloves and that B) the best lovers are those who consume candy bars right before getting down to business… so be sure to keep a stash of Snickers (and condoms) by your bedside at all times ladies. If only Seinfeld was still on the air!

We like how ADWEEK summed up the apparent hidden benefits to men of not being hungry, “Eating a Snickers bar not only keeps you from being Joe Pesci – it also improves your fine motor skills, which are so essential to removing a woman’s bra safely and effectively. As they say: Snickers really satisfies!”

We’ll say it again… not sure whether to laugh or cry at the ridiculousness of it all!