In celebration of #StarWars40th, a day commemorating Star Wars 40th anniversary of the release of the iconic film (May 25, 1977), we are sharing this print by visual artist Catherine Moore, which sent our Facebook page into a frenzy when we first posted it back in September 2015. Catherine calls the work “Embracing the Dark Side”… and we love her very personal reason for creating it.

Catherine and Darth Vader“Inspired by my own love of Star Wars and Darth Vader and the Empire, in particular, I created this piece. When I was little, I was lucky enough to own a large size Vader action figure (about 15 inches tall). Instead of a doll or a teddy bear, I slept with it every night. So, when the opportunity presented itself to create an autobiographical piece of sorts, I went for it.”

In a full circle moment that’s so fitting for Star Wars 40th Anniversary, just two days ago, Catherine posted this awesome photo of her and Darth Vader at Disneyland on her Facebook page with the caption “Been waiting 40 years for this moment…”

A full color, museum quality, archival print of “Embracing the Dark Side” is available on Catherine’s Tea & Canvas site.

What Else You Should About Catherine Moore

Catherine Moore is a San Francisco Bay Area visual artist. Catherine’s oil paintings call the viewer to that marriage of classical and haunting beauty, resembling in subtlety and natural colorings the feeling of another time, when illustration was part information, part poetry. Her subject’s eyes and hands evoke a stunned silence as well as a dark humor and warmth that evoke a deep emotional response. She has exhibited with galleries around the globe and her work is collected internationally.

Embracing the dark side