Last week, with much fanfare, Google launched its Made With Code campaign, a new initiative to encourage young women to learn how to code. Among the resources they are providing, including programs, links, downloads and projects, they have also created a fantastic series of videos of young women making things with code.

One of our favorites is of the EPA Chica Squad and their awesome Tag It! app, designed by Margarita Tenisi, Rosie Valencia, Ashley Davis and Vanessa Tostado of East Palo Alto, CA. The four young women worked with MIT App Inventor to design their app, and placed in the top 20 worldwide in the 2013 Technovation Challenge, one of the world’s largest and longest running tech competitions for girls.

The foursome created Tag It! to help their community. After some research, they learned that 41% of residents were dissatisfied with the way their neighborhood looked due to trash, graffiti and vandalism. Tag It brings community members together to improve their neighborhood aesthetics. Here’s how the girls explain it…

First press Tag It! then take a picture on the screen, add a description… it’s now easy to be seen.

To see the area that needs to be cleaned, press help out, if you know what I mean.

Look at the listings in your neighborhood, select 1, volunteer, and do some good!

You can gather people to volunteer, to help clean up with pride and cheer.

Tag It! is the app for you if you want to help the community, post things to help clean up in unity.

So grab your shovel or get your phone, get some of your friends so you won’t be alone.

There’s no harm in making your neighborhood look good, it’s as simple as picking up garbage or painting some wood.

Tag It! Tag It! Tag It! – though there may not be a prize, your neighborhood will look good to you and in someone else’s eyes.

Learn more about the EPA Chica Squad, and check out some of the other creative and innovative things by girls Made with Code here.