How many times have you gone online to look up medical advice and health tips? We have done it more times than we are willing to admit, but always seem to come away with more questions than when we started. This same situation is exactly what inspired Women You Should Know® Stacey Borden and Meghan Muntean, to launch ChickRX, a health and wellness online community, created exclusively for young women.

The 20-something, Ivy League grads and close friends, founded ChickRX to make high quality, reliable health information accessible, so that women can live healthier and happier lives. On their website, they explain their inspiration for creating the site. “One day we realized that we and our girlfriends always seemed to have health and wellness-related questions, whether about birth control, losing weight, skincare, how to handle a douchey guy…the list goes on. We wondered why was there no engaging health site for us, where we could have frank conversations with other young women going through similar things? So we, and our incredible team, built the health and wellness community that we always needed.”

Topics including Sex & Gynecology, Fitness & Nutrition, Emotional Health & Relationships, Dermatology, and General Health are presented in a fresh, cheeky way, making browsing not only informative, but also fun and entertaining. They liken it to DailyCandy meets WebMD. We especially love the article headlines and catchy pics… “Buzz Kill” grabbed our attention, which is a title used for an article talking about the dangers of alcohol and “Sitting Ducks” for one that discusses blood clots. You get the idea.

Q&A screen shotOriginally launched as an editorial site, ChickRX recently added a Q&A platform where women can ask questions and get answers from experts, discuss products and swap tips with other women all while remaining anonymous. There is a pretty extensive range of experts available for questions, across all specialties. Physicians, therapists, personal trainers, dieticians, etc. all go through a stringent application and approval process before being selected to appear on the site.

So the next time you head to the internet for medical advice, be sure to check out ChickRX… you’ll probably find what you are looking for and have a good time doing it.

More About ChickRX Founders

Stacey is from Calabasas, California and a graduate from Harvard College where she was President of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. After college she worked at Lehman Brothers and 85 Broads before returning to Harvard Business School.

Meghan, from Los Angeles, California, graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University. Prior to ChickRx, she was a consultant for institutions and high net worth clients at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Wealth.

ChickRX is the winner of the J-Lab New Media Women Entrepreneurs of the Year Award and recently received about $500k in angel seed funding.