Teen Hero: Seventeen magazine responds to teen protester; said it will no longer alter the body size or face shape of the models posing in its magazine. – Change.org

Two Wheel Riders: Motorcycle ridership among women is on the rise. – Associated Press

It’s 2012: A new chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution is one of the first in the organization’s nearly 122-year history that was started by a black woman. – New York Times

Poor Sport: French tennis player Gilles Simon recently said male players should be paid more than females at Grand Slam tennis events. Female players respond. – Sports Illustrated

Women Lose on Losing: It’s not a myth, women really are at a disadvantage when it comes to shedding pounds. – Time

Hall of Famer: Doris Sams, professional baseball star, who inspired A League of Their Own, dies at 85. – New York Times

Defending the Dog: Forty-five hotdogs and buns in 10 minutes. – Brooklyn Daily