When I got married 15 years ago, bachelorette parties consisted of strip clubs (think Magic Mike), shtup-erware (sex toy) parties, celebratory dinners or more subdued trips to the spa. Well, times have changed and today, women are trading in the more traditional bachelorette revelry for something a bit more extreme before walking down the aisle. We aren’t talking about a girls trip to Vegas, we are talking about the new trend of extreme adventure bachelorette parties…how does skydiving, trapeze, bungee jumping or zip lining sound to you?

Extreme adventures are about bringing groups together to build camaraderie and team work. For bridal parties it’s a way to create lasting memories and break the ice for people meeting for the first time before the bride takes the ultimate plunge. One bride who attended a weekend at Go Ape, the treetop adventure company with facilities in Virginia, Indiana and Maryland, said “It’s fun to step outside your comfort zone before you get married and do something adventurous and crazy, I am not traditional at all and thought we should do something out of the norm.” The bride, a 31-year-old, self-proclaimed fitness fanatic, spent 3 hours with her bridesmaids navigating a ropes course, leaving them aching the next morning, but without a hangover.

This adrenaline-filled alternative to the traditional bachelorette party isn’t only good for group morale it’s also good for business. For the first time, adventure companies are putting together group packages and advertising on popular bridal websites specifically targeting soon-to-be-brides, a category of consumer they had previously overlooked.

For the modern bride celebrating the end of single life, an outdoor adventure is the perfect way to get the party started. After jumping out of a plane, walking down the aisle seems like a piece of cake!