“Women grow up watching movies that are all about ‘finding the one’ and falling in LOVE! But when you look back at a lot of the movie romances we obsessed over, some of them don’t really make a lot of sense. Would Meg Ryan really fall in love with the guy who ruined her business? Would Bella really have fallen so deep with Edward? What if these movie romances were a bit more… feminist?”

So sex education activist Laci Green presents “If Famous Movie Romances were Feminist”, a video montage of scenes from 7 cult classics that she’s recreated with a twist. By calling out some of the original (questionable, harass-y, creepy, and whoa… he did NOT just say that) dialogue and flipping the script, she gives us You’ve Got Mail, Twilight, Grease, The Notebook, Sixteen Candles, Love Actually, and Knocked Up with a whole new outlook.

This video is part of a weekly series by Laci and MTV called Braless, which gives an “uninhibited take on all things pop culture and internet.”