Florals are THE style-do for spring/summer 2014, and fashion illustrator Grace Ciao is taking this trend in an absolutely gorgeous (and literal) direction. The 22-year-old, Singapore based Woman You Should Know has recently been stopping fashionistas in their stiletto-made tracks, and likely making established designers REALLY envious with her stunning illustrations of dresses made from real flower petals.

Grace Ciao sketchTo create her floral masterpieces, Grace, a truly gifted, budding designer, starts with a pencil sketch and then artfully layers on flower petals to create some of the most jaw-dropping dresses and gowns we have ever seen. She will take one type of flower to create a micro-collection of varying looks, or use its petals to make a single, stand alone, show stopper.

Her favorite flowers to work with are orchids, carnations, and lilies.

Of her unusual medium, Grace, a business student by day, says, “They help me create prints which I otherwise couldn’t have thought of.” She adds, “I think petals work really well for illustration also because their delicacy and exquisiteness mimic those of a soft fabric.”

Here are some of our favorite Grace Ciao designs. You can see the rest of her work on Instagram and Facebook.

All images © Grace Ciao Illustrations.

Grace Ciao_yellow

Grace Ciao_orchid

Grace Ciao_purple

Grace Ciao_ppl_orchid

Grace Ciao_jumpsuit

Grace Ciao_detail

Grace Ciao_roses

Grace Ciao_white

The Designer… Grace Ciao

Grace Cioa