In 2013 blogger Jes Baker heard that Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries wasn’t interested in customers her size, so she responded by reinterpreting the company’s A&F campaign with her own campaign, which she called “Attractive & Fat.” The images went viral, and her message to Jeffries was loud and clear… “Attractive and fat are compatible, regardless of what you believe.”


Continuing on her mission to inspire others to embrace a body-positive worldview, change perceptions about weight, and to take back the word fat, Jes has launched #FatGirlsCan, a challenge that coincides with her newly published book, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls: A Handbook for Unapologetic Living.

“The book and challenge are invitations to reject fat prejudice, fight body-shaming at the hands of the media, and join this life-changing movement with one step: change the world by loving your body,” Jes says on her blog. “FAT GIRLS… They can! And we do. And we will.”

When not busy blogging or writing a book, Jes spends her time speaking about body image at universities, writing for several online publications, and working with clothing companies to promote more plus size fashion.

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls is available on Amazon and in bookstores nationwide. Jes is currently on a book tour, here’s a link to her upcoming appearances.

How to participate in the #FatGirlsCan challenge

1.) Think of something that someone said you couldn’t do because of your body.
2.) Take a photo of you DOING that thing that someone said you couldn’t.
3.) Tag that photo on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #FatGirlsCan.
4.) Celebrate your awesomeness.
5.) Repeat #4 as many times as you like.